Frequently asked questions

We are a team of the Charitable Foundation “Stalevi”, founded by caring Ukrainians who invest all their energy and time in the speedy victory of Ukraine! We are created to become a reliable friend and assistant for the Marine Corps of Ukraine! We are determined to help those who are still on the battlefield, and those who have already returned, having been wounded or as a result of being captured and further exchanged. Each of us has had the opportunity to see this terrible war from different angles, so we understand the exceptional importance of what we are doing.

Our main task is to provide military support to specific military units and subunits located on the front line, as well as medical care, treatment, socialization and adaptation after physical and psychological injuries, for military personnel who were injured or went through the hell of Russian captivity.

You can make a donation anywhere in the world by using our PayPal wallet for a charitable contribution or by making a Swift bank payment.