About the foundation

STALEVI is a charitable foundation that helps the Ukrainian Marine Corps.

The initiator of the creation of the Stalevi Foundation is a Marine and Hero of Ukraine — Serhiy Volynsky “Volyna”.

History of creation

Volyna’s career as a Marine began back in 2013. This path was full of super-heavy challenges. After all, this is also the exit from Crimea, when Serhiy did not change his oath of allegiance to Ukraine.

This includes the fierce battles for Mariupol, which began from the first day of the full-scale invasion and lasted 86 days!

This includes the command of the native 36th Brigade during the breakthrough to Azovstal. This includes an enemy blockade, combat operations, and the loss of fellow soldiers… And of course, this is 4 months of torture in captivity of the enemy.

It is worth noting that during the blockade and continuous shelling of Azovstal, Serhiy Volynsky recorded the appeals to many world leaders to find a solution that could save the lives of thousands of people who were on the territory of the plant at that time. In particular, Volyna became the first in the history of the XXI century to propose the “extraction” procedure to save civilians and military personnel who found themselves in hell on Earth.

As a result of the prisoner exchange in September 2022, Volyna and the commanders of other military units stationed at Azovstal were interned in Turkey, where they remained until July 2023. It was there that Serhiy was first seen by his family, as well as his own sister, Tetiana Kharko.

During that short meeting, Serhiy made a promise from her:

You have to make every Marine feel like they have a sister

After all, being far from the motherland and from his unit, Volyna does not cease to worry about his fellow soldiers. For those who are still in captivity. For those who were seriously injured. For those who fought side by side with him against the enemy.

That is why the STALEVI team was created.
We have set a goal to help those who need it. At the front, in rehabilitation, after returning from captivity. We must take care of the heroes and are determined to form a new generation of Ukrainians who will create a new Ukraine after the victory.

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Stalevi. Official start

The official presentation of the Stalevi Charitable Foundation took place on May 26, 2023. Unfortunately, Serhiy Volynsky, the initiator of the foundation’s creation, did not attend the event, because he was in Turkey under the terms of the exchange. However, Volyna recorded a touching appeal to all Ukrainians to fight for Ukraine and support the Marines in every possible way, who perform extremely complex combat tasks on a daily basis in the hottest spots of the front line.

Remember those who are fighting for the right to freedom for future generations. Do not hesitate to give a piece of your soul to those who are willing to give their lives for you.

The presentation was held with the participation of military personnel who fought side by side with Volyna against the invaders and went through the horrors of Russian captivity. There was a family atmosphere at the event, as most of the Marines arrived with their families. Children’s laughter and noise rang out from everywhere and reminded everyone present why and for whom this incredibly difficult struggle was going on…

The opening of the foundation was organized by the Stalevi team, ideological like-minded people and patriots of Ukraine, including Serhiy’s wife Ruslana Volynska and the hero of Ukraine’s own sister Tetiana Kharko. It was she who, at the request of her brother, headed the work of the organization. The girls expressed their gratitude to all the soldiers-defenders of Ukraine, spoke in more detail about the work of the foundation and planned projects.

In addition, there were speeches by military personnel and volunteers who enthusiastically supported Volynsky’s initiative and called on the community to join the events planned by the foundation. In particular, the event was attended by well-known Ukrainian bloggers and presenters, Andriy Bednyakov and Oleksiy Durnev. Both are personally acquainted with Serhiy Volynsky and also plan to draw the attention of their viewers to the work of the Charitable Organization.

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